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Less Plastic Lesson 3 – Keeping it Clean

Cleaning products – both personal and home care varieties – use a lot of plastic. While we can easily recycle the bottles and tubs we get these products in, there are some products we like to use that really are… Continue Reading →

Less Plastic Lesson 2 – fashion-forward, plastic-backward

No surprise, like most women, I love shopping for clothes, dressing up and having multiple options to wear. My twitter handle is @shoeshanista after all. But the fashion industry is very guilty of plastic pollution, especially in the current throwaway,… Continue Reading →

Less Plastic Lesson 1 – Eating, cooking and dining out

I love eating out and I love cooking. So when I’d finished reading How to Live Plastic Free that was the first place I really noticed how much plastic prevails in the whole shopping, preparing, eating and storing of food… Continue Reading →

Mezzanine recognized by Fortune

It’s been splendid helping my new clients at Mezzanine with their marketing and comms work over the last month. This week they celebrated an incredible achievement – two top spots in Fortune’s 2019 companies that #ChangeTheWorld. In partnership with Vodacom… Continue Reading →

The plague of plastic

A while back I visited the Kingsmead Book Fair. I won tickets on 702 to the value of approximately R160 and then proceeded to spend over R800 on books at the pop-up bookshop with Kamini. I digress (as usual)… One… Continue Reading →

Digital tech solutions: the convergence of product and service marketing

For the longest time the canon of marketing research has divided brand theory between product brands and service brands.  In the world of product marketing we have raw materials converted through a manufacturing process into a product that we put… Continue Reading →

Coke Works

In a big company like Coca-Cola there are so many hands that touch a single process. Sometimes I think this is a good thing, because my peers are so diversely amazing and skilled in so many different ways. Sometimes I… Continue Reading →

A Case Study of 5FM

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Wits Business School which is where I completed my Masters Degree in Marketing (it’s an MBA with a longer thesis requirement) in 2017. I am honoured to be featured in the 50th Anniversary… Continue Reading →


At the request of one of my people, Roxy Burger, I captured what I learnt in my favourite course while I was living in Italy in an article for Ms Burger’s much bally-hooed blog. Instead of harping on about feminism,… Continue Reading →

My Coca-Cola adventure begins

This week I started the next chapter of my career at The Coca-Cola Company Pty (Ltd) here in Johannesburg. As one colleague told me, it’s a bit like drinking from a fire hose. There is so much information to take… Continue Reading →

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