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The Milan Plan – The Amalfi

My friend Gail came to visit me for a two week much needed break and one of the things she said she wanted to do was to go to Amalfi. Upon researching for this trip I must disclose that Amalfi… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Budapest

I am in love with Budapest. After the concrete heat of Milan it was a welcome respite of greenery with the lazy Danube flowing bluely under its many ancient bridges. After a morning walking tour (they are free and the guides… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Malta

A year ago a friend of a friend’s moved to Malta to shake up her career and move on from the family business. A month ago I decided to visit her for a mid-exam study break since Malta is a… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Exams and Birthdays

Classes at Bocconi are over for me here in Milan.  For the last week I’ve been scrabbling through notes and questions, filling in a plethora of exit documentation and evaluations that the university requires from exchange students and studying for… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Siena

My last intra-Italy trip – Siena with my friend Sian. Sian and I met at Vega during a marketing course we did several years ago in an attempt to work out if our perceptions of marketing were in actual fact… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Nice

I’m usually sceptical of big group holidays.  For a number of obvious reasons, but to pick one I’d say that I’m always constantly concerned, and somehow feel responsible, for everyone having a good time.  So when my Nordic Mafia suggested an Easter… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Como

There is one thing of value and two random things I knew about Como before this week. Thing of value:  It’s a really big lake just inside the Italian border as you head North for Switzerland. Thing one of randomness:… Continue Reading →

Leaving a Legacy

My parents, Bevan and I visited the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnologia earlier this week.  It is a remarkable museum gathering a plethora of scientific information into an enormous monastery in the heart of Milan. They have interactive modern… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Pasqua

I knew Lady Milano was fooling us with such early warm weather in Spring.  Over the Easter (Pasqua) long weekend, when Italians flood out of the city Jozi-style, the sun remained but a cold wind crept onto the streets and… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Cremona

Italy feels like a big country. In comparison to South Africa it isn’t…that is in terms of actual land size.  Italy is just over 300 000 square kilometres and has just shy of 60 million Italians. South Africa is more… Continue Reading →

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