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The Milan Plan – Pasqua

I knew Lady Milano was fooling us with such early warm weather in Spring.  Over the Easter (Pasqua) long weekend, when Italians flood out of the city Jozi-style, the sun remained but a cold wind crept onto the streets and… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Cremona

Italy feels like a big country. In comparison to South Africa it isn’t…that is in terms of actual land size.  Italy is just over 300 000 square kilometres and has just shy of 60 million Italians. South Africa is more… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Cinque Terre & Portofino

To kick off April over 80 Bocconi Exchange Students travelled to Cinque Terre and Portofino. Inside the Bocconi bubble us exchange students have the opportunity to sign up for fully organised trips around Italy, chaperoned by Italian students of the… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Mid-term Week

Fortunately I only had one mid-term exam to study for – Diversity Management and Policy – which I wrote this morning.  This course has been a highly interesting and enlightening one, like a perfect storm between socio-economics and politics.  I’ve got… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan – Italian Culture

In my Fashion and Luxury Management Class we learn about the origin of the Made in Italy label.  As my lecturer, Professor Stefania Saviolo explains in her book, “Made in Italy is an abstract concept, a signature that defines products… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan Week 7 – Puffi

This little lady was an unexpected discovery. In Italian she is a member of the “puffi” which means Smurfs.  I call her Jane Fonda Smurfette.  In actual fact she isn’t as rare as the version of her with pink leg-warmers…anyway…I discovered her… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan Week 6 – Roma

Ah Rome..a city built upon cities upon cities.  Today every time the city needs to expand its subway lines or build a new road it takes years because they discover all sorts of human detritus of interest to archaeologists.  My… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan Week 4 – Venezia

My Hunny arrived in Milan last week and whisked us away to Venice for three nights over his birthday weekend.  This turned out to be a very special treat because it was the last weekend of Carnevale.  Carnevale is the pre-Lent… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan Week 4 – Bergamo

On Sunday a group of four of us took a trip to the city of Bergamo which is an hour’s train trip from Milano.  The old city (Citta Alta) is built on a hill which you reach either by a spectacular lower… Continue Reading →

The Milan Plan Week 3 – Turino

A Masters friend of mine, Sivan Portal, gave me a useful piece of advice before I left for Milan.  She said, “take every opportunity you can to travel, use that student card to go everywhere, spend all your money and free time on… Continue Reading →

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