Zurich - Home of UBS

Sometimes the universe comes to fetch you. Without you asking or expecting it to do so. And you best have a sharp eye for the opportunity and flexible boundaries to embody something that doesn't look the way you thought it would. And that just happened to me. Within three months I signed an offer with Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and find myself in London's Wealth Management office. There is a lot to be grateful for, new adventures under new skies, new opportunities with new people. But home is heart and blood and always will be. So in a way it feels like a death and I'm grieving.

In Tarot, the Death card is extremely positive. It's a transition, a new beginning, a forceful move away from what has been to what can be. But in order for new things to be born, old ones must die. For progress, pain is necessary. To reach for new, you must let go of the old. Clear the way, make space, lighten the backpack.