Justine Cullinan

Justine Cullinan

Collector of footwear and discarder of that which lacks adventure. Afro-caucasian, Zulu Vegan, Yoga Hiker, author and fur-child guardian. Firm banner-bearer of the idea that now is all you have and you only live once.

A South African living in London. A vegan who never says no to a piece of cake made with love. A yogi without tattoos. A wife but not a mother.

Once honoured title-holder of the position of Station Manager for 5FM, an awesome CHR South African radio station with a national footprint and a digital way of life. Then GM of Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications at the largest privately-owned restaurant chain in the world, fully homegrown in South Africa, Nando's.

Graduated in July 2017 with a Masters in Management: Strategic Marketing. My dissertation is entitled Corporate brand building and portfolio management in a South African state-owned enterprise. It is dedicated to my mother and grandmother both of whom were never afforded a tertiary education of their choosing. For nerds who want to read the academic article published from my thesis head here.

Wrote a book about radio to help South African students find their place in the audio media biz called Next Level Radio.

Yoga changed my life and now I get to be part of the journey of others on and off their mats as a Yoga Teacher here.

Winner of the Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss Award Corporate Category 2017. Designated Chartered Marketer (CMSA) 2020.

For CV stuff go LinkedIn here.

Married to the best male human in the universe. You can read more about him and other spectacular humans I am blessed to call my friends under "my people" on this digital home of my life.

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