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200 Hour Yoga Teacher

I undertook this journey to ‘do more yoga’. I emerged from it with so much more spiritual and personal understanding and depth than I expected. The physical aspect of training is the easiest part. I logged 64 classes on my… Continue Reading →

Things I gained during Lockdown

It’s been a life-changing year for everyone. Not a single person in this world has been unaffected by COVID-19. But looking back on 2020 from my singular speck of a perspective in this vast and powerful universe, I am eternally… Continue Reading →

Academically published

After more than two years and rejections from at least two academic journals, the article I wrote based on my Masters thesis research and with the outstanding help of my supervisor Professor Russell Abratt and an Italian branding academic called… Continue Reading →

Less Plastic – News Flash

While I work continually on reducing the amount of plastic I use, one of those serendipitously cool things happened. My friend and former PR colleague Robyn David started a new business making sensationally beautiful and high quality swimwear…and this is… Continue Reading →

Next Level Radio

After almost two years of writing with my partner in crime, business and books, Grant Nash, I can now legitimately call myself a published author. Next Level Radio has been designed by us to be the ultimate reference guide to… Continue Reading →

Ranked in this year’s Loeries

I am honoured to be counted among the country’s top marketers in 2019. Ranked #6 in SA! A great way to end the year thank you Loeries Board and my agency partners Ogilvy Cape Town and FCB.

More on Fast Fashion

Social media algorithms being what they are, I get a lot of content in my Instagram feed about my interests – so it’s all gardening, cooking and fashion 🙂 Discovered this thanks to my friend Sadaf – very useful insight… Continue Reading →

More on keeping it clean.

A quick follow up on some of the questions I’ve been getting on the Less Plastic Series of Lessons. I know that Simple Truth has been around for some time but I discovered a whole range of their eco-friendly cleaning… Continue Reading →

Less Plastic Lesson 3 – Keeping it Clean

Cleaning products – both personal and home care varieties – use a lot of plastic. While we can easily recycle the bottles and tubs we get these products in, there are some products we like to use that really are… Continue Reading →

Less Plastic Lesson 2 – fashion-forward, plastic-backward

No surprise, like most women, I love shopping for clothes, dressing up and having multiple options to wear. My twitter handle is @shoeshanista after all. But the fashion industry is very guilty of plastic pollution, especially in the current throwaway,… Continue Reading →

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