This week I started the next chapter of my career at The Coca-Cola Company Pty (Ltd) here in Johannesburg. As one colleague told me, it’s a bit like drinking from a fire hose. There is so much information to take in that has been accumulated over 130 plus years of business in numerous countries across the world. KO (which I learnt this week is the identifier code that the company has on the stock exchange) is to all intents and purposes a marketing company and is therefore filled with smart, committed, experienced people who have built big brands and executed marketing firsts. It’s genuinely nourishing to be present in some of the meetings I’ve been part of this week. So much ‘new’ is emotionally taxing but it’s like enhanced food for the brain. I project at least six months before I get a handle on the role I’m going to be playing. It will be an education on all levels. And that’s what I asked for.