The Milan Plan is now history but what a chapter is has been in my life.  It was the last plan I had and it over-delivered in so many unexpected ways. If I set aside my enriching academic learnings I have to say that I received an active education on so many levels without necessarily having any true epiphanies. And that reminded me of so many things I had forgotten.

I forgot how much I like the outdoors and how healing dogs and a garden can be. I forgot how much emotional energy we spend afraid or trying to feel secure in Johannesburg. I forgot how genuinely diverse my circle of people and work networks are…even in the midst of 750 exchange students. I forgot how wilfully dependent I am on my amazing husband from the point of love and devotion.  I forgot how much I like shopping at South African grocery stores and how much I love my kitchen and my virtuous yet challenging work at 5FM.  These are all things I knew, it was just a healthy and welcome reminder.

The most surprising thing I experienced, because it was the least expected, was how many amazing friends I made.  My Nordic Mafia and Big Ben, pictured here, are such fine examples of great humans.  I feel good knowing that they are in the world, their ideas, their intelligence, their willingness to do good and their desire to contribute to better world, they are such enriching encounters which I am so grateful for.  They defined the Milan Plan for me.  After I set it in motion, they took me on the adventure I couldn’t have planned.  Can’t wait for them to visit.