We have entered our second phase of podcasting at 5FM with two brand new bespoke podcasts created solely for digital consumption and distribution.

The first is a Facebook Live Streamed video podcast called Cassim’s Kitchen hosted by 5FM’s Kyle Cassim. Kyle invites you into his kitchen to cook a meal with him while listening to a special guest DJ wreck the decks.  Recently he has hosted South African DJ talent like Abby Nurock and Mark Stent.  You can catch it here on the last Thursday of every month.

The second is a personal favourite of mine in the form of Stay Woke with Sibs.  5FM’s Sibs Matiyela hosts in-depth discussions about stuff that’s too complex to deal with on-air in the time we have on a music format radio station.  She’s puts herself in the midst of tough topics like being young, black and queer, being depressed, being a foreign national in the face of an onslaught of xenophobic attacks in South Africa and many more difficult conversations that I believe we have to have in order to move forward as a planetary population.  A new episode of SWWS is loaded weekly on Wednesday afternoons here.

Thanks to my friends at The Media Online for sharing more about this here.